How do I apply dipping powder?

42 views  October 19, 2020
JOYA MIA® Dipping Powder System Instructions: 1) Push the cuticles back and buff your nails to remove shine, dirt or oil. 2) Cover the prepped natural nail plate with Joya Mia® Bond and let it air dry before applying the Base Coat. 3) Apply Joya Mia® Base Coat and dip your nails in the Joya Mia® Clear Powder. Then, tap the powder excess from your nails. 4) Apply Joya Mia® Base Coat and dip in the Joya Mia® Color Powder. 5) Repeat step #4. 6) Only apply Joya Mia® Base Coat and dip in the Joya Mia® Clear Powder over the glitter color powder. This will protect the glitter when buffing before applying the Top Coat. If you are using a solid color to dip, then you can skip this step. 7) Apply a generous amount of Activator on each nail. Allow it to dry and make sure to cover the edges and cap the free edge. 8) Once dry, shape the nails with a file or Joya Mia® E-File. (You may use a buffer to smooth the nail area.) Rinse hands with water, no soap and let them dry. If you don't want to use water, use a dry brush to remove the dust excess. 9) Apply another coat of Activator. Make sure to let it dry for 2 minutes, in order to get the perfect shine while applying the final step. 10) Apply the Joya Mia® Top Coat. Make sure to apply it in 2-3 very quick strokes. 11) Wait for 30 seconds and apply a slower, more detailed second layer of Top Coat. Wait 1-2 minutes to let it air dry and you’re done! Tips: 1.) Before dipping, make sure you stir the powder well. This will add air between the powder making it easier to dip. Plus, this method will help prevent streaks and groove while dipping. You can choose to Sprinkle on the powder instead of dipping the nails into the powder jar. This method is a little more sanitary and it’ll help to avoid streaks too. 2.) You can clean your brush using the brush saver, alcohol, or acetone. 3.) To remove the dipping powder, slightly file off the Top Coat and then soak off for 10-15 min and you are done!

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