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Say hello to our latest line! Joya Mia’s ALUMINIX nails will give you the chrome-look without the mess of powder, black polish or inconsistency that Chrome method may have. This brand new patent pending technology of gel polish line will sure to please the first time every time. Ever dreamed of having a cool, futuristic look of your nails? Try our Joya Mia Aluminix Chrome Gel Polish Set of 24 Colors and choose your perfect shade today!
What comes in the set:
· PATENT PENDING Formula & Application 
· 24 unique chrome gel polish colors
· Silver Base coating
· A color chart

How to apply ALUMINIX:

1. Apply base coat, cure 20-30 secs

2. Apply silver base, wait for 10-15 seconds, then cure for 30 secs

3. Apply another base coat, cure 20-30 secs

4. Apply 1 coat of ALUMINIX color, cure for 30 secs

5. Apply top coat, cure for 60 secs

6. You got yourself a beautiful metallic chrome nail set!

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Joya Mia Aluminix Chrome Gel Polish offers an impressive selection of 24 colors to choose from for your nails. The range of colors varies from shades of blue and yellow up to pink, purple, and red. All colors were carefully chosen and produced with care. You can rest assured that you will get a high-quality product used by professional nail artists and women around the world who want their nails to look different and shiny!

You can feel free to choose depending on your mood and mix and match any way you see fit. With two dozens of color options, it is sure that you will find the perfect combination for every outfit! Joya Mia included a free color chart with the product so that you are completely sure how each shade will look before you purchase it.

Why Should You Choose Us?
Chrome nail powder is a complicated method that will surely leave a mess behind. The inconsistencies in results are also something you had to deal with up until this point. Our JoyaMia Aluminix Chrome Gel Polish resolves these issues and provides a hassle-free method to give your nails a modern and sassy look. The technology will leave no mess that you will have to clean and the results are 100% reliable and free of any inconsistencies.
The nail art train is heading for the future. Make sure to jump on board with JoyaMia Aluminix Nails! High quality ingredients – our brand delivers products for both salons and amateur users. The reason for that is that we always ensure to offer top-quality items at an honest price. Joya Mia Aluminix Chrome Gel Nail Polish only contains premium ingredients that ensure long-lasting results
<br No mess left behind – many people avoid using chrome nail polish because it tends to leave a mess. It was one of our primary concerns to secure that you won’t have to deal with that problem! We used premium technology to ensure that the entire applying process is at the cleanest possible level Perfect for beginners and professionals – complicated process of applying nail polish are behind us! Thanks to the revolutionary technology methods we use, even those that are total newbies can apply our chrome gel nail polish and enjoy shiny and dazzling look of their nails in no time Easy to soak off – although our products deliver results that can last for weeks, you might get a desire to change the coloring of your nails. In that case, rest assured that the process of soaking off the polish will be equally simple as short as when you were applying it Two dozens of colors available – we know that different shades and colors of nail polishes can be used depending on the opportunity and even your mood. That is why you can choose between two dozens of color shades available for our Joya Mia Aluminix Chrome Gel Nail Polish. Take a look at the color chart to pick your favorites!

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